About Me

Who am I?

By title, I’m the Head of SEO for BBVA Compass, based out of my hometown in Houston, TX.

By trade, I’m a lifelong hardware and web tinkerer with 12 years of SEO experience and 21 years of broad technical experience spanning IT administration, RF communications, Digital Marketing, and Marketing Automation.

At my core though, helping people solve human problems that makes life just a little bit easier is what brings me true joy. That, and being able to meet and engage with different walks of life while experiencing true diversity – the kind that requires an open mind and a wandering spirit.

Where I’m From

My NES Christmas, 1987. I was 5 years-old in this picture.
My NES Christmas, 1987. Years later, I learned that my folks had already been playing Super Mario Bros. for months. Smart.

I was born in Texas City, TX and grew up in nearby League City, just 23 miles in-between downtown Houston and the beaches of Galveston. I was raised near the big petrochemical refineries of the Texas Gulf Coast made famous in Urban Cowboy, and I graduated from Clear Creek High School, located 4 miles from NASA’s Johnson Space Center.

I didn’t see it then, but being raised in a community where engineering and innovation took place regardless of education or physical strength made me who I am. If we were living in a world without computers, I’d still be a handy-man in some capacity.

Company Commander in HS JROTC, 1999. My love of Military History is what sparked my duty and desire to eventually serve in the US Navy.

Where I’ve Been

2000 – Denver, CO

My 1991 Ford Ranger and I went solo to take a Dot-Com job in Denver just weeks after this photo was taken. I was 17.

Just weeks after graduating from Clear Creek High School in May of 2000, I packed up my truck and headed to Denver to figure out my future. Shortly after arriving (and turning 18), I was hired as a QA Tester for a local start-up, iBeta. If you’re reading this Glenn, thank you.

2001 – United States Navy

If you’ve ever wanted to know what my hair color is, here you go.

I enlisted in the United States Navy on May 10, 2001 with the goal of becoming a Navy Cryptologist, which allowed me to continue my love of hardware maintenance and see the world.

2007 – Austin, TX

Turkey Trot 2010. I’m the one who blinked.

I moved to Austin in 2007 after being Honorably Discharged from the US Navy with the goal of transferring in to the University of Texas at Austin. During this time, I worked multiple jobs as a server/bartender while helping friends and acquaintances with their websites, all while carrying a full-time course load.

Rarely was I compensated for my work, but that didn’t matter – I found something that I loved.

2013 – Seattle, WA

Seattle was where I reignited my tech career and fell back in love with the Web.

In the Summer of 2013, I finished my education at the University of Houston and struggled to find work in my hometown. Throwing caution to the wind, I applied to work for Cobalt (now CDK Global) in Seattle and after a two-month interview process, I was rejected.

2500 Miles: Houston to Seattle, August 2013

A week later, Cobalt called me back, admitting that there had been an error. Two weeks later, everything I owned was placed in the back of a moving truck, and I (along with my Mom riding shotgun) drove to Seattle to begin my professional career as a Digital Marketer.

2018 – San Diego, CA

Seerfest 2018. I’ll forever be grateful for the chance to work with people like Wil and Jordan.

Six months after Hurricane Harvey had catastrophically flooded Houston and the agency where I served as SEO Lead, life began to return to normal as our office tower re-opened. Less than a week later, I was given a chance to work for a dream company – Seer Interactive – and pursue a new challenge on the client relationship side of marketing.

Buffalo Bayou during Hurricane Harvey, August 2017. Wortham Tower (left) suffered massive power and facilities damage, resulting in countless people losing their jobs. We were fortunate.

Accepting the position at Seer was one of the toughest decisions that I’ve had to make, simply because it felt like the worst possible time to leave my role at Forthea, considering the Hurricane and the effects on our team, and the unfinished business that I would have liked to have seen through to completion. However, I can’t imagine not having had the chance to learn and experience as much humanity as I did in San Diego and at Seer Interactive.

Where I’m At Now

In late 2018, after almost 20 years of wanderlust and constant moving, something changed – I was ready to come home and change course a bit. I’ve been fortunate enough to live in multiple cities and countries, and having literally travelled around the world, I’m ready to do something great in my hometown and give back to the city while continuing to remember the lessons I’ve learned from my travels.

Just outside of Marfa, TX. Heading West one final time.